Topics: Warrandyte, Victoria, City of Manningham, Yarra River Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: May 22, 2013
#1: The suburb’s location in relation to the CBD; general boundaries

Warrandyte’s northern boundary runs along the
Yarra River. To the west is Templestowe, to the
south is Warrandyte south and Park Orchards
and to the east is Wonga Park. Warrandyte is
located 24km north east of the CBD. Warrandyte
has large areas of parkland. Warrandyte and
Warrandyte-Ringwood roads are the main roads
in the suburb. Warrandyte is part of Manningham

#2: Early aboriginal activity
In the summer months, the Wurundjeri people would live on the banks of the Yarra and they had many of their important summer sites located in Manningham. While in winter they would move to the Dandenong Ranges for shelter. Along the way, they would stop by Bolin Bolin Billabong in the region now known as Doncaster/Bulleen, to fish for eel or hunt for food. Wurundjeri people called the Yarra River “Birrarung” – ‘river of mists and shadows’ and for the Wurundjeri the river marked the centre of their traditional land. For thousands of years the Wurundjeri nurtured and protected this land we now know as Manningham, and its Dreaming stories. In return Wurundjeri enjoyed the highest standards of living, health and wellbeing, as the river provided for a plentiful life. The teeming wildfowl in the wetlands of Bulleen, continual harvests in the fish traps and freshwater mussel farms along the Yarra, and abundant game and bush tucker in the Stringybark and Manna Gum forests supported a population of several hundred people in Manningham.

#3: Reasons for settlement
In 1851 the first gold in Warrandyte was discovered by Louis Michael, this was the first gold discovered in Victoria. Soon after this gold was discovered in Bendigo and Ballarat. After the gold ran low the colony consisted of more artists than miners. These artists came from schools from around Melbourne looing for places to paint. Warrandyte was a great option for them as there were many locations as...
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