Warnings on Unhealthy Food

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Junk food Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Warnings on unhealthy food.
The theme of unhealthy food becomes more and more topical in our society. I am sure that manufactures of food products should write warnings on their products which contain harmful ingredients, for example, GMO. Firstly, junk food can be the reason of a lot of illnesses, such as stomach ulcer, obesity, sugar diabetes, etc. For example, according to the article Health warnings on junk food “…hamburgers, chips, soybean oil, pizza give rise to obesity and it can be the reason of heart attacks and even cancer…” So, people should know what they eat.

Secondly, one of the way to solve this problem is graphic warning labels. Canadian scientists consider that junk food packings should have warnings and frightening images, as on cigarette packs. According to the article, Junk food needs graphic warning labels similar to tobacco, Ontario doctors say, “…Just as graphic images are required on cigarette packages, the doctors said, junk food such as french fries should come in packaging illustrating the toll obesity takes on the body. Potential images include a foot with an open wound meant to reflect on a problem that people with diabetes may suffer, or a liver riddled with fatty liver disease...” As statistics says, frightful inscriptions and photos helped to decrease the number of smokers around 20% and I’m sure that unattractive packages will scare a lot of fast food eaters. Finally, the scientists of Illinois (USA) proved that if a diet of the person has surplus of fat, he will have problems with memory and ability to perceive new information. “Foods laden with sugar and fat appear to reduce levels of a natural brain chemical crucial for learning, say scientists. People whose diets are high in fat and sugar could unwittingly be harming their minds.” (“Junk food can harm memory”, Daily Mail). So, we can say that an improper feeding has a bad influence not only on body but on brain too Many people even don’t know about the seriousness of...
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