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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Subject : Warning Letter
Referring to the recent incident happened at the outlet, we found that you have been committed the following misconducts. 1.Act recklessly by sending out an unnamed short message to the manager of the outlet to complain your discontent to the staff. In fact, you should bring the case to your superior in the company and let the company resolve the matter with the retailer; 2.When you are called back to the office for further inquiry, you did not follow the instruction to turn up on the specify time and absence without reasonable excuse; 3.The action of you lodging a police report personally without company’s knowledge. Shall you think that your safety has been threatened in the course of the employment, you should report the case to the company first and the action shall be taken collectively by the company together with you rather than you act solely. I hereby warn you that as a full time promoter of the company, you have to observe the code of employee conduct and the rules and regulation set up by the company. You are not allowed to act personally without prior consent given to you on all the matters relating to your job. You have to understand that any rash action taken by you will bring adverse impact to the company and jeopardize the relationship with the customer. Finally, we want you to ensure that you will not repeat the abovementioned misconducts, failing which, appropriate action will be taken against you, including that of suspending your job or terminating your services with the company.

Yours faithfully,
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