Warming Up

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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1. Warming up fully is important for all performers. State two reasons for a warm-up, and explain how each part is achieved. 2. When taking part in any physical activity it is important to complete both a warm-up and warm down. i. Give two reasons which explain why it is important to complete a warm-up physical activity. ii. Briefly explain why you should always complete a warm-down when you have finished physical activity.

3. A warm-up and warm down are essential when taking part in physical activity. i. Give two reasons why you should complete a warm up before physical activity. ii. Give two reasons why you should complete a warm-down after physical activity. iii. Describe or define what is meant by being in “good health”.

* A warm-up is performed before exercises to increase flexibility and joint mobility. To increase your joint mobility you move your neck, wrist, or ankles in a circular motion. To increase your flexibility it is best that you make sure your muscles are warm before you stretch. Stretching is the best way to make your muscles more flexible.

* A warm up helps you prepare both physically and mentally for exercise. It also reduces your chances of injury. * You should always complete a warm-down when you finished a physical activity because it assists in recovery and it brings the body back to a pre-exercise state, just the opposite of warming up. It also helps the heart rate and breathing to return back to normal. * Good health is the state of being in a great physical, mental and social well being.
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