Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Data mining Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 9, 2013
1.6 Databases and data warehousing management of Pages
Pages have some few 250000 loyal customers regularly shopping at the pages stores these customers are predominantly black. Pages endeavoured to provide a full wardrobe of reason quality to satisfy the needs of the customers and their children at a fair price on credit and cash. Based on Pages 250000 customer databases these factors can be examined. Pages database factors:

* Transaction: This include a complete purchase history for each customer with accompanying details such as date, price paid, quantity of order discount allowed and any other pertinent costing to the customer. * Gift/loyalty cards : Measure customer’s buying patterns, by offering Gift or loyalty cards at cash points * Customer contact details: With multiples channels of distribution and communication to database, record all customer contact details with Pages and the distributors including sales calls, service request, complains, inquiries and loyalty program participation. * Descriptive information: For each group of customer relevant descriptive data that provides the bases for market segmentation and targeted marketing communication. * Response to marketing stimuli: Whether the customer responded to specific advertising, a price offer, a direct marketing initiative or sales call or any other form of direct contact. * Mobile Survey: Create a four-question mobile survey, incentivised with a mobile airtime voucher worth R10 upon completion of all survey questions. We gathering full information through customer participation. The airtime would be rewarded to the first X number of customers who completed the survey.

Pages have 2500000 client base, they have to insure that these customers keep coming back and at the same time increase the client base in order to do this Pages have to build an excellent customer relationship with superior customer value and satisfaction and that’s where a...
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