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Topics: Business process modeling, Process management, Business process Pages: 17 (5653 words) Published: December 15, 2012
An Evaluation of Process Warehousing Approaches for Business Process Analysis Khurram Shahzad, Paul Johannesson
Department of Computer and Systems Science (DSV), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)/ Stockholm University (SU), Stockholm, Sweden. {mks,pajo}@dsv.su.se

Abstract. Execution of a process model produces data that can be used for analysis and optimization of business processes. For several years, data warehouse (DW) technology has been used for analysis and decision making. A data warehouse developed for business processes is called a process warehouse. The capabilities of a process warehouse are seldom evaluated, since a generic framework that can be used for the evaluation is missing. Therefore, in this paper, we develop a generic framework called Process Analysis Framework (PAF) that can be used for evaluating analysis capabilities of a process warehouse. Furthermore, the framework has been used to evaluate various process warehousing approaches, collected through a comprehensive survey. Keywords: Business process management, Business process monitoring, Business process analysis, Process warehouse.

1 Introduction
Process analysis is a feedback phase of business process management in which reviewing of process execution takes place. Interest for business process analysis is increasing in order to monitor, evaluate and optimize business processes [1, 2]. The data collected during process execution is used for process analysis [3]. Process analysis can: effectively improve efficiency, reduce cost and increase the productivity of process execution [1, 3]. This is done by optimizing resources, activities and actors [4]. For more than a decade, data warehouse (DW) technology has been used by enterprises for analysis and decision support purposes. DW presents the analytical data integrated from different sources in multi dimensional form in order to support analyses not only from different perspectives but also at different levels of granularity [5]. For some years, data warehouse technology has been proposed to be used for business process analysis [7, 8], called process warehouse [6]. Also, some studies [8, 9, 10, 11] have been conducted on designing data warehouses for business processes. In this paper, the two terms process warehouse and data warehouse for processes are used alternatively.

Proceedings of EOMAS 2009 To the best of our knowledge, no study has been conducted to evaluate the capabilities of a process warehouse. There are some studies (like [8, 9, 12]) that partly includes some sort of evaluation, but a comprehensive evaluation of the capabilities of process warehouse is still missing. This is due to the fact that a generic framework that can be used for analysis of process warehouse is missing. The purpose of this study is to evaluate capabilities of process warehousing approaches. However, no generic framework is available that can be used for this purpose. Therefore, at first we develop a ‘Process Analysis Framework’ (PAF) and then use it for the evaluation of eleven process warehousing approaches that were selected through a comprehensive survey. The framework is based on the simple logic that if processes are modeled from four perspectives [13] they should also be analyzed from these four perspectives. These are functional, behavioral, organizational and informational perspectives. However, the important aspects about goals and design challenges are not covered in these four perspectives. Therefore, PAF is extended by including these two perspectives, goals and modeling challenges. The contributions of this study are: a) a framework for the evaluation of process warehouse, b) identification of major process warehousing approaches, c) a comprehensive evaluation of process warehousing approaches and d) identification of deficiencies of process warehousing approaches. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section 2 introduces the Process Analysis Framework. Section 3 contains a...
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