Warehouse Management System

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In a WMS, we aim to observe the maximized profits with a minimized cost with certain computerized procedures to enable a seamless process of warehouse operation. With the above consideration, we come up with 4 main special features that are essential to be equipped in the WMS.

First of all, we need to have barcode labeling for all the stocks in the warehouse in order to identify each product, keep record in the system and find them out easily. It is necessary for us to have detailed information of every stock in the warehouse by simply identifying the barcode labels with wireless inventory scanner, which could save time, reduce paper work and greatly increase the productivity and accuracy when handling stocks. Barcode labeling is fundamental for WMS as we need to keep tracking the stocks throughout the whole warehouse operation process.

Secondly, we think that efficiency is also an undeniable element in WMS, which we consider auto-conveyer as one of our choice of special features to enhance the efficiency. Auto-conveyor could reduce the need of man power and it is much speedy than the manually controlled way when moving stocks as it could quickly retrieve wanted items. Auto conveyor could also handle some simple sorting and identification work, which greatly reduce the need of manpower.

Thirdly, virtual warehouse would be our core feature in the WMS, it acts as an important role in both order management and put away and packing. It provides a comprehensive physical view of the warehouse. With a virtual warehouse, we could have a clear idea of the operating warehouse through the browser. It could facilitate the decision making in the WMS as we could control a lot of process with a virtual warehouse.

Indeed, a virtual warehouse is a system that involved a lot of components, but we are now focusing on the order management and the put away and picking management.

With WMS, orders could be generated easily on the internet as the information of...
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