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2. Step by Step Warehouse Operation

In order for me to firmly grasp the ins and outs of the DIP warehouse operation, I had to closely observe and take part in the pivotal processes that make the warehouse tick.

A warehouse operation is composed of four key work activities:
1.Goods Receipt
4.Goods Dispatch
Going through the processes one by one will allow us to understand exactly how the warehouse is run and give us an in depth outlook of the operation while also adding "meat" to this report. I was present for each and every one of these processes and these are my personal gatherings.

Goods Receipt: Unloading begins at 7:30 am, trailers take up to 2.5 hours to unload, depending on quantity and SKU variety.
Storage: Goods are then placed on pallets and transported to their designated areas, this process is a rather quick one, takes up around 15 to 20 minutes.
Picking: The picker, order in hand, proceeds to scan the location, and the product. He then enters the quantity picked, physically moves the product from storage location to pallet and then stages it. To properly put things in perspective, here are a couple of stats for you to consider:

There are 27 pickers who work daily at the DIP Transmed warehouse, 24 on average
20 pickers occupy the day shift, 7 the night shift
122 cases are picked per man hour
42000 cases are picked daily, 8400 of them are direct pallet loads(no need for picking)
Goods Dispatch: Loading also begins at 7:30, depending on size of vehicle and SKU variety and differences in order this process takes 30 to 150 mins.
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