War vs. Peace

Topics: United States, Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Our heroes are out there fighting for America. But exactly what are they fighting for, because it seems like our own government is hiding information from us. They say that it’s to protect us. Is it really? A government that we call one of our own and one that we trust has deceived us. For the families who are losing their sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers, etc.,who are in the war, are just told that they should be proud of their protector protecting the United States of America. After the soldiers die, the only remembrance of the fallen is the burial. Only families remember their deaths while the government moves on with their business and they say that they care for our people. To me the United States should have never gone to war with “The reason we invaded Iraq was for reasons far more than weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was a tyrant who waged many wars in the Middle East, supported and aided numerous Aab invasions of Israel, threatened to invade Saudi Arabia, overran Kuwait, and caused the UN to bring about sanctions against Iraq. Saddam was also known to have an extensive chemical weapons arsenal and has used several chemical weapons against his own people while suppressing many human rights and threatening world peace.” (Con, 2009) Now as I remembered there were no news on this reason why we were going to fight in Iraq. I believe that the only people who knew about the the true reasons we went to war with Iraq was our government and the soldiers who were in mission. Many of the citizens of the United States don’t know the reason why we have gone to war with Iraq, because the information have been interpreted wrong.

This war is putting all Americans in danger. As the war goes on, many lives of the innocent are taken away. Think about the possible risks that the al-Qaeda and other terrorist may have taken to attack our troop. While troops were getting deploy to Iraq or war, America was suffering from the sadness of the incident...
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