War Propaganda Used in American Wars

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  • Published : July 21, 2012
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War Propaganda Used in American Wars
War propaganda as a mass communication tool has been used to influence others since ancient times. Since the written word has been in existence, it has been in our human nature to try to influence others and try to gear them into thinking the same way that another person does. America is a relatively young nation, however the use of war propaganda has been used to sway opinions in every war we have been involved in. The use of propaganda for recruiting military personnel can most evidently be seen during the Civil War and the World Wars, and continues to be used during war in modern times as well; these mass communication messages have changed to messages that are used in these campaigns and influence how Americans feel about those consecutive wars. The Civil War was distinctive in its use of war propaganda. During the war, the Union used recruitment posters to attain more volunteers to join the military. Many posters made promise of power and glory. An example of this can be seen on a recruitment poster for the 243rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. The poster states that the Union needed “able bodied men,” and promised that the men who join the army “will be triumphantly borne in all the glorious achievements of our armies,” and that “meritorious men will surely secure speedy promotion” (Russ). These posters convey the message that being a party of the war is not only an honor, but that being a part of the effort will bring these men glory and personal accomplishment. In addition, war propaganda during the Civil War was used to gather support and sway opinions of the war. A poster for Union Mass meetings for Bucks and Montgomery Counties calls for “every citizen in the favor of the supremacy of our National Supremacy above the present and every rebellion come forward and assert his loyalty” (Russ). The strong words of supremacy and loyalty are used to strike a cord with its readers and are meant to inspire citizens to...
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