War Photographer Commentary

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Photography Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Theme:`War photographer' by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem that explores the theme of death. In the poem we see the photographer developing images that he had taken from the war, as he is processing these images his thoughts and memories come flooding back to him. This poem captures the readers attention bringing them to realization of the hardships and dangerous situations faced by those part of the war. On the other hand, this poem focuses on the role of the photographer having a monotonous and realistic life. Title:"WAR photographer "is a very eye-catching, strong and effective title. The title conveys to the onlookers the idea and theme of death, war, blood and other such aspects from a specific point of view. Purpose:The Purpose of this poem is to show the destruction and devastation that the war tends to bring and how no one can hang on to the same problem for the rest of their life. One has to move on and will do so. Character:the photographer in the poem is anonymous: he could be any of those who record scenes of war. He is not so much a particular individual as, like the poet, an observer and recorder of others' lives. He is an outsider ("alone/With spools of suffering") who moves between two worlds but is comfortable in neither.

Tone:The tone of the poem changes over the poem. The tone of the first stanza is grave showing an inhuman nature of no feelings towards death. On the other hand, the second stanza brings out a contrast of being at work than at home. The pain and agony were minimized when he was as home facing only ordinary pain, and therefore "home again to ordinary pain. This stanza conveys a message, wherever your heading to, there will always be pain seen through his lenses. Carol ann duff's tone changes from grave to insensitiveness. The 4th stanza is significant for the role of photographs. The poet makes the readers realize the significance of being a photographer

Analysis & Literary Devices:The first line of the poem it says `In his...
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