War Photographer

Topics: James Nachtwey, Photography, War Photographer Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Lauren Starling
11 April 2011
War Photographer
After watching Christian Frei’s Academy Award winning documentary on James Nachtwey in War Photographer, it is difficult for one not to get emotionally involved in the film. I was captivated by the quotation in the introduction to the film that says, “ If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” It really makes you step back and think about all of the pictures we have seen in textbooks, magazines, or anywhere during war time and how photographers are able to capture the detailed photographs. Nachtwey’s voiceovers were also intriguing. His voiceovers discussed how he decided to become a photojournalist, that dealt specifically with war. Nachtwey went on to say that when covering war material he is forced to separate himself from the emotions brought up by the pictures.

Nachtwey states that one day he woke up and decided to go to New York and become a magazine photographer of war. I remember thinking to myself, “why would anyone want to put themselves in this type of situation to get themselves hurt or be emotionally affected somehow?” He said the goal of his career is to give the victims a voice by having their picture taken. Watching him throughout the documentary move about the flames and people with such determination and focus was riveting, as he took shot after shot of someone’s face or a tragedy. I was concerned on how this job has changed him, and he answers it perfectly when he describes the characteristics of a photojournalist of war. Nachtwey describes it as an emotional detachment like other careers, such as nursing and reporting. Photojournalists have to separate themselves from the experiences and not make it personal for them. As the documentary shows Nachtwey moving about the scene, you can see it perfectly in his eyes that he is clearly there for the best shot. One also naturally wonders how reporters get through these conditions physically. Nachtwey has...
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