War Photographer

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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“War Photographer”

A poem which encourages the reader to feel sympathy is “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy. The persona you are encouraged to feel sympathy towards is the war photographer. The poem features a war photographer who tries to deliver the message that suffering is wrong and should be stopped but is made to realise that the people “do not care” and his job is futile.

The poet makes use of word choice, imagery and structure to show that the war photographer feels isolated and alone. The poet refers to the war photographer as being “finally alone”. The use of the word “finally” suggests that the persona is relieved to be alone and is an isolated character. The word “alone” is at the end of the sentence which helps to emphasise how alone the war photographer is and feels. The poet conveys the idea that the persona is an isolated character by the use of the expression “in his darkroom”. This expression has a literal meaning of him actually being in his darkroom but also has a figurative meaning of the darkroom relating to his mind and the misery and suffering he has witnessed. The persona is relieved to be away from the suffering and is glad to be alone which also conveys the idea that they are a lonely, isolated character. The poet encourages the reader to feel sympathetic towards the war photographer by expressing their isolation and loneliness through the use of techniques such as word choice and structure.

The poet makes use of word choice and imagery to encourage the reader to feel sympathetic towards the war photographer for the things that they have witnessed. The writer uses an alliteration to emphasise how gruesome the things are that the persona has witnessed. The expression “spools of suffering” has a literal and figurative meaning which is effective in encouraging the reader to feel sympathetic. The literal meaning of this expression is that the “spools” have undeveloped images of people suffering and simply states what is on the...