War on Poverty

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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War on Poverty
I believe poverty is a big social issue in America. Poverty can be the main cause of robberies, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, and homelessness. These are some examples that concern me the most. Many people in this country don’t realize how serious this issue is, although we see it happening all the time. This issue is so overwhelming that it’s not brought up by many people nowadays.

Poverty in this country has been since America was established. There has always been poverty in this country because of lack of skills and knowledge. People don’t get enough knowledge, and the ones that do have a more successful lifestyle. For an example, people in poverty will most likely stay in poverty for most of their lives or work hard to make ends meet. People not in poverty will have an easier life by not having to work as hard as people in poverty do.

Robberies in America occur every 15.4 seconds according to the FBI (crimedoctor.com). I believe many of those robberies are committed by people who feel the need to own something they can’t afford. The feeling of being in need can also provoke them to steal. Even the people, who commit the crime must feel like their adrenaline rushes and deep down feel the sense of guilt, but they still do it for necessity. Once they get away with it they might feel unstoppable, which means they might eventually end up committing another robbery. The money they get from pulling all these crimes might go to drugs, or it might go to their families who are in need of financial support. Living in poverty will increase robbery crimes. So, many of us won’t feel safe living homes or anything valuable alone. Urban cities are where poverty happens the most. Some victims who experience robbery can go through emotions’ like: fear, anger, shock, inability to sleep, nightmares, and sadness.

People living in poverty are most likely to be under the influence of drugs. Drugs can be very distrustful to many people’s lives. Drugs can...
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