War on drugs in the United States

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  • Published : November 19, 2013
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The war on drugs is one of the wars that every nation claims to be carrying out. The United States of America is considered as one of the vibrant drug trafficking regions globally. The war of drugs in the United States of America therefore rates as one of the longest wars in the nation (Lurigio, 2008 pg. 87). Ideally, it has taken approximately forty years since the kick-off of the war. Despite the fact the war may appear to be plain from the word of mouth, it posses unimaginable consequences on lives of people. To be precise, the war on drugs in America skewed its negative effects on the social status of some of the people in the continent with respect to their race as well as economic class. In America, there is a record of very rough and outstanding rates of drugs use. The same case lies on the amount of sales made. However, the most amazing thing is that statistics state that the African-American persons are arrested rapidly as compared to the way the white men are (Lurigio, 2008 pg. 87). This is in relation to the charges related to the use or smuggling of drugs. Statistically, the African American men are arrested at a rate ranging from as low as 13 times to as maximum as 57 times that of the white men. Conclusively, there is an act in the legislature that was passed in 1998 stipulates that the Higher education refutes federal aid to those found in the activity of drug trafficking. This indicates a chain of disappointments that are accrued to the African-American man. As a result of the whole family faces oppression. Unfortunately, some of the families do not deserve the marginalization.