War on Coal

Topics: Coal, Coal mining, Anthracite Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: November 25, 2012
War on Coal
“President Obama is responsible entirely for the closure of that mine and the loses of these jobs”, Robert Murray CEO of Murray Energy Corporation told CNN after 239 men were laid off because an Ohio mine had closed. The current war on coal is not one of just and fair reasons. Coal has several positive benefits that greatly outweigh the negative environmental effects that some say it causes. The main benefit of coal is the hundreds of thousands it employs annually. However, with the strict regulations being put on coal mines these days the tradition of coal mining may be one our children will never know. It is our responsibility as Americans to beat the Obama Administration and win the war on coal. Coal was first found in America in 1742 in what is now Boone County, West Virginia. Since then mining it has been a job that employs thousands and those thousands don’t get near the praise they deserve. Every time the man-trip goes under, the people on it risk their lives to provide us with the main source for energy and heat. The Merle Travis lyric“Where the dangers are double and the troubles are few” completely captures the atmosphere of a coal mine. Slag falls, explosions, fires, and above all cave –ins and roof falls are just a few of the dangers miners face every day, yet people still feel the need to condemn these men for the job they do. The Obama administration could care less about the many jobs they are doing away with from the coal industry. “The many regulations the he (President Obama), and his radical appointees and the U.S. EPA haves put on the use of coal have closed 175 power plants” (Murray 2). Assume those 175 power plants employed 100 men that is 17,500 people who are out of work. How can Obama say he is for the working class when he is taking the working class’s jobs? Josh Mandel, Ohio state treasurer told Congress “ I think the Obama administration should be ashamed for putting middle class coal miners out of work across the...
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