War of Independence Thesis

It had all led up to this moment – minutemen staring down regulars, regulars staring down minutemen, colonists versus British, British versus colonists. Then, in a singular moment, as if a singular sound were a wake-up call to the entire world, the war had started. All or none, freedom would be won, or the colonists would die trying. The morning of April 19, 1775, during the British stealth raid of Lexington and Concord, the famous “Shot heard around the world” sounded, indicating the start and breakout of an all-out war for independence, marking the start of the American Revolutionary War. In a last-resort attempt to peacefully resolve this conflict, the Continental Congress sent the Olive Branch Petition to King George III, affirming American loyalty to the crown. However, it was not taken seriously and shortly, the colonies were officially declared in a state of rebellion. Within the next year, the king sent British forces to fight in the colonies. This war was unavoidable. Although at the beginning of the war, the British had the advantage, and one would have expected them to have easily won, nevertheless, the pros and cons of both sides evened out and the American colonies were able to unite and prevail over the world’s greatest military power in the world. The British had many obvious advantages: money, power, and training, while the colonists suffered from being in stark contrast, the underdog, with little funds and experience. Eventually, though, the outturn of the war flipped as Britain’s logistical nightmare, blunders, and other disadvantages caught up to them, and the American colonists found their place – as well as a powerful ally, France. The advantages and disadvantages of both sides drew out the war, but shaped its outcome as well.
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