War of 1812

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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America faced many changes after the war of 1812 in many aspects. Most changes were extremely positive and therefore the time after the war was labeled the, “Era of Good Feelings.” Many topics could support this claim; however the emergence of nationalism and sectionalism helped determine the extreme accuracy of this label. Nationalism delivered a sense of pride and a new found love for the peoples’ free country of America; such as the 4th of July, and the protesting against the Russian “Holy Alliance.” Sectionalism, on the other hand, produced more positive advances for the north while the south received little attention. Incorporating events such as the panic of 1819, slavery disputes, and poor taxation made this a negative outcome.

It is extremely important for people to have pride in their country. Thanks to the American’s new found love for their land, a sense of self-importance emerged among the populace. The 4th of July, a new national holiday celebrating the independence of America, is a strong example of the new, nationalistic attitudes of Americans. Numerous celebrations were held on this day, as shown in John Krimmel’s painting of Centre Square, Philadelphia in 1819 (Doc. C). It shows the festivities that occurred on this infamous day. Along with the celebratory part of nationalism, what also comes is preserving your national customs. In a diary entry of John Quincy Adams on November 7, 1823 he wrote about sending a minister to protest against the interposition of the Holy Alliance of Russia; and at the same time decline the power of Great Britain (Doc H.). Another event that contributed to nationalism was the Monroe Doctrine of 1823. The US proceeded to declare the states off-limits to Britain. It was also a continuation of the neutrality and isolationist policies set by Washington. Because of these actions, US recognized the British colonies in the states, but will protect the states, and new countries will be developed in North and South...
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