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War Life

By | November 2012
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Secure Homeland but Insecure Citizens

It is a know fact that international politics and international studies took a whole new turn after 9/11 incident. The collision of planes into twin towers (World Trade Centre) changed politics on local level as well as. This specific terrorist attack affected common man’s life as well as on government level. And internationaly After cold war the focus of international relations became economy but after the attack on world trade centre the focus shifted to terrorism and war against terrorism. American ex president George W bush called purclamed a global war against terrorism and asked the other countries to be American allies in this war. In USA the government took drastic measures for security and pass laws and acts to prevent such events in future. Department of homeland security got unlimited authorities and controversial rights. The main aim of this essay is to debate about such acts, which through away the basic human rights of American citizens. Such acts that gave power to government’s agencies to arrest and prison people without any kind of charges being imposed or approved has been criticised largely.

Laws to prevent terrorism

According to Peoples and Vaughan-Williams (PVW) after the incident of 9/11 American government (Bush Administration) passed a bill in 2001 calls patriot bill, which gives power and authority to law enforcement agencies to tape telephone calls and read emails of any citizen of America. They do not need to have any kind of permission before hand. This bill also gives the authority to deport foreigners on suspicion basis. (Peoples et al 2010 p. 107) It means that government’s law enforcement agencies do not need to prove anything anymore and they can arrest, detain or deport on the basis of suspicions and doubts. This specific bill has been criticised on both local and international level. US government did not stop there and pass a new law last year by Obama’s administration. This new...

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