War Is Not the Answer.

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton mill, Factory Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Conditions in factories and mines pg. 73
1. Why would factory owners not want their employees to have access to a clock or a watch? Factory owners didn’t want their employees to have a watch or clock because then they wouldn’t be able to know what time it is. If they had a clock or watch they would stop working to look at the time and then if they realised there shift was nearly over they would slow down and not work as efficiently. 2. How were factory workers punished for not following factory rules? The factory workers were beaten when they didn’t follow the factory rules and sometimes they were beaten so badly that they died. Not long after a few beatings the other factory workers started to act more wisely so that this wouldn’t happen to them. 3. Why did mining become more dangerous as mines became deeper? Mining became much more dangerous as the mines became deeper because there were many problems such as inadequate ventilation, presence of explosive gasses only found deeper in the mines, the need to bring all the coal to the surface which was harder because it was a greater distance and that it would be difficult for them to get out of the mine if something went wrong. 4. In what ways were all members of a family engaged in coalmining? The whole family used to engage themselves in coalmining because they all had certain jobs. The Father and Son(s) would cut the coal with picks, while the mothers and daughter(s) carried the coal to the surface. There were many different ways of doing this process. The younger girls could also crawl through narrow tunnels bringing some coal with them and the older women would climb ladders or steps with the coal. 5. What were the consequences of the inquiry by the Mines Commission in the early 1840s? Over the next two years the Mines Commission was established, and mine workers were called to give evidence recounting their personal experiences. As a result of...
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