War Is Never Justified

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  • Published : February 12, 2012
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War Is Never Justified

War is never justified, this is a very diverse topic seeing as there can be so many
opinions about it. I feel that war is never justified regardless of its purpose. There is no
correct meaning for taking another human life, let alone taking thousands. War can never
be a justified reason for all of the grieving families that have lost soldiers.
In today’s society there is a lot of controversy over the war everyday. The news is
our prime source of information regarding the war in other countries and how it affects
us. How can the war be justified? How can you justify killing thousands of people when
there could possibly be a better solution then war. In my opinion war happens because
people are fighting for control over one another. Regardless of who has control innocent
lives are being lost almost everyday and for what ? To see who can have more access to
resources or more money.

We as people have rights, yet under these rights we still have to adhere to the
government and the over all judicial system. I myself do not and have not agreed with
decisions made by congress, our government, or our military now or in the past, but they
were put in place for a reason. There job is to uphold the judicial system weather it seems
fair or not. Rules have been put in place to serve justice but are they? It is sad that today’s
society has no input on our military or its actions. We need the military to have structure
and maintain our defenses, but what are we really defending? We are sending so many
troops over seas to fight a war that should have ended years ago. What is the reason for
being there to gain control, to lose thousands of lives, to maintain resources? None of
these are good enough reasons for destroying the lives of so many people.
Millions of soldiers have died fighting for this country, and what’s the real reason
for it? My outlook on is that...
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