War Is Necassaft

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war is necessary for peace
The natural states of man are peace; and everywhere, in all ages, civilize; men have been its ardent votaries. Wars have always been condemned; brutal, inhuman, and thoroughly impractical for the purposes of settling disputes.

After every war fought in this world, men of good will have made earnest efforts to establish the reign of peace on earth. In the pre century, this universal concern for peace manifested itself in the establishment of the League of Nations, and later the United Nations Organisation. Even though these bodes were not successful in achieving their objective, yet they served to emphasize that above all, man wanted to live in peace.

Experience has, however, shown again and again that the desire for it alone is not sufficient to ensure peace. Just as is the case with everything else, we have to pay a price for it. And there are different ways of paying it. A nation may be able to purchase peace by appeasing the aggressor, and agreeing to give concessions at the cost of national honour and prestige. But a patched-up peace of this nature, secured through compromise with the aggressor is at best short-lived and invariably sows the seeds of future discord.

The Munich agreement signed just before the Second World War is a case in point. The ink on the agreement was hardly dry when the war broke out. Britain had to submit to the indignity of Munich mainly because she was not at that time in a state of readiness to meet the challenge posed by Hitler's activities in Europe.

Similarly, if we examine the factors which have from time to time disturbed the peace of the earth, we shall find that while avarice, ambition, anger, envy and pride have not infrequently motivated warmongers, perhaps the greatest contributory factor in bringing about wars has been the disturbance of the balance of power in a certain part of the world.

Nations, which yielded to complacency and ignored their defenses' always tempted aggressors...
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