War Is Kind

Topics: Death, Stanza, Poetry Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 9, 2013
War is Kind: Stephen Crane
I. In the introduction the poem opens up with the speaker mentioning Maiden in this poem simply refers to a girl A. The man tells the girl not to cry because war is kind. Even though this is to sound ironic the phrase really means the opposite of what the character is trying to tell the girl. B. The maiden had been crying for her dead lover who had thrown his hands towards the sky, in which a horse appears to get scared and leaves the man alone on his own. C. Based on my understanding maybe the guy had gotten shot and that’s the reason why the horse ran away. D. From that point forward the man continues to ask Maiden no to cry over her lover's death. II. Then the man sets up a specific scene in which the situation appears more drastic, he adds on more sense of imagery. A. For example, the drums are set to place an imagine in the readers for the reason that the whole scene changes to be more drastic. B. In this stanza the author begins to show action in war, this is how he will explain to maiden on how war is kind in its way. C. The soldiers appear to be ready for anything in which is war and battle against another group. D. The narrator then emphasizes the fact that these men were to fight and die for the reason that they went ahead to go to war. E. From there glory is mentioned for the reason that the soldiers believe that glory would be given to them once they went out and fight. F. There is then the fact that God is good for those men who go ahead and battle one another. “Kingdom” is meant as a commentary where many people have been buried. III. Again the narrator continues with repetition “ Do not weep” here the girl is addressed as a babe and not as Maiden as in the beginning. A. The speaker then is talking about the dad of the girl in which he refers as babe above. B. He tells the girl not to cry because her dad is dying in the yellow trenches. C. Yellow symbolism to...
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