War in Algeria

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The War on Freedom
The Algerian Fight for Independence

Patrick Faley
Period 2
May 6th 2013
“We kill because we are afraid of our own shadow, afraid that if we used a little common sense we'd have to admit that our glorious principles were wrong.” ~Henry Miller
The French unfairly kept nagging Algeria to the point that war was a necessity to gain independence! It started in the 1830’s and was a continued problem till the war arose in the 50’s. The French should never have annexed Algeria and should have left the peaceful nation alone. The French and Algerians began a war that in the end caused bloodshed and finally a solution to their problems. I feel the war was unethical in terms of the “why” but in the end Algeria finally became free. The Algerian war for independence began in 1954 and ended in 1962 when French President Charles De Gaulle pronounced Algeria an independent country on July 3. ( "Military." Web. 07 October 2001)

During the 1950’s the Algerian struggled against France and its white settlers for sovereignty and hatred arose in both countries. There were a small number of Frenchmen and women who aided the Algerian liberation movement in defiance of their government and the reactions of the majority. (French Resistance... History Today. 02 May 2009). The French conquest began back in 1830. In 1848 Algeria was annexed as three French departments. During the 19th century there were two different waves of migration from the French.

In 1954, French Algeria was a society rigidly polarized along racial lines, economically, politically and culturally. On the one hand there were a million French settlers and on the other there were 9 million Algerians. So the outset relationship between Algeria and France, French and Algerians, was a racist, colonial one based on violence. Colonialism began with violence and it was ended by violence. (French Resistance... History Today. 02 May 2009)

The Algerian war started with the insurrection organized by the FLN, on November 1st 1954, and lasted eight years until 1962 when Algeria became an Independent country. (Le proces du réseau Jeanson 1961). During those eight years one million Algerians died fighting for freedom and prosperity needed since 1830. In 1954 there were 200,000 Algerians living in France. Of those 150,000 were working, the majority in the building or steel industries. (French Resistance... History Today. 02 May 2009)

Slowly but surely the FLN began to organize Algerians in France. It was Algerians in France that were to finance the war. Through a well organized system of collectors, the FLN taxed every Algerian in France on a sliding scale. Getting this money out of France was a major problem for the FLN. Any Algerian that was a courier would immediately arouse suspicion. This meant the FLN had to look to French people sympathetic to their cause who would give them practical support. (French Resistance... History Today. 02 May 2009)

They saw working with the FLN as a legitimate way of expressing their anger towards the war. Of the French people actively involved with the FLN was associated with the Jeanson network. It was setup by Francis Jeanson in 1957. (Le proces du réseau Jeanson 1961). He was an intellectual who wrote numerous articles warning people of French policy in Algeria. (French Resistance... History Today. 02 May 2009)“On one hand the French who aid the FLN are not only impelled by generous feelings towards an oppressed people, nor are they putting themselves at the service of a foreign cause: they are working for themselves, for their freedom and their future, they are working for the installation of a real democracy in France.” - Francis Jeanson (. Le proces du réseau Jeanson Francois Maspero, 1961).

The ethics behind the war, Jus ad bellum (justice or “right” reasons to go to war) just cause: The French did not want to give the Algeria Independence so they went to war to settle it. They fought for eight long years and...
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