War Heroes Voices from Iraq

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Iraq War, Baghdad Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: May 23, 2012
For my book report, I read the book War Heroes Voices from Iraq by Allan Zullo. The author interviewed ten soldiers about the time they spent in Iraq. The book tells ten different real life stories of soldiers and what amazing things they did in Iraq. The one thing all of these soldiers have in common is that they thought they were just doing their jobs. These soldiers are true heroes because each of them risked their own lives to save others and to protect our country. Even though a lot of soldiers would do that, not all survive to tell about it. The book tells ten different stories about very special heroes. I would like to tell you about my three favorite stories. The first of my favorite stories is “Greater Love Hath No Man.” This story is about one of the nicest, bravest soldiers in this entire book. This is my favorite story because Marine Scout Sniper Scott Montoya risked his life six separate times to save five other soldiers and some Iraqi citizens caught in battle. Marine Scout Sniper Scott Montoya was stationed in Sadr City near Baghdad, Iraq. On April 8, 2003, Scott and his four-man squad were helping patrol the city. Scott heard gunfire from a few blocks away. All of a sudden, the gunfire came closer and closer and the fight ended up on his street. Scott and his group ducked behind a wall and started shooting back at the enemy. Everything was happening really fast! As a RPG whistled and exploded overhead, Scott saw two marines right beside him get hit by shrapnel. Scott was not injured so he called for a medic to set up a CCP or a casualty collection point to help the wounded. Scott helped carry the wounded to the CCP. He was then joined by the other platoon and they continued the battle. At a street intersection, Scott and the platoon came under heavy fire from Iraqi soldiers and insurgents. Someone started yelling “medic!” because the American soldiers accidentally shot at a car full of civilians. Scott and...
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