War Dance Expository Essay

Topics: Lord's Resistance Army, English-language films, War Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: December 19, 2012
War Dance Expository Essay

Over 20,000 kids are orphaned in Northern Uganda. War Dance is a documentary about the Patongo Primary School's long journey to the Kampala Music Festival and the experiences, both good and bad, which they go through. In the village of Patongo, located deep in Uganda's war zone, a group of students struggles to rise above the violence and desperation that surrounds them with the help of music.

Life at camp Patongo for these children were rough and treacherous. There was not one night where these kids wouldn't be scared for their lives. In fact, they would travel over 5 miles every night to their school just to sleep ad feel less vulnerable for a couple hours. Even then, they weren't completely safe. For example, 14 year old Dominic who was only 9 at the time traveled there with his brother one night. But to their surprise, they rebel soldiers came at midnight, overtook the school, and abducted him and his brother where Dominic was held captive for 2 weeks. Present day, he still doesn't know where his younger brother is. Each child, including Dominic, Rose, and Nancy, have had there homes destroyed because of this Civil War created by Joseph Kony, who was the leader. Rose who is 13 years old has lost her mother and now lives with her Aunt. She takes care of the kids, laundry, food, and more chores than the average American 13 year old would do. Nancy on the other hand, lost her father when the rebels murdered him with machetes. As you can tell, their lives isn't a walk in the park, but quite the opposite.

During these tough times only one thing can really help them get through, which is music. "When I dance my problems vanish. The camp is gone. I can feel the wind. I can feel the fresh air. I am free and I can feel my home" said Nancy. When the students of the Patongo Primary School are invited to compete for the first time, the children are both thrilled at their opportunity and determined to prove that in a place of violence...
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