War by Luigi Pirandello

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Rudy 1

Rachel Rudy
Mr. Porter/ Period 3
Honors English II
15 October 2012
Truth Hidden By Passengers in War
By Luigi Pirandello
The first time I lied to my parents about there not being any homework; [MAKE THIS A COMMA INSTEAD OF A SEMI-COLON] it didn’t follow through. I started to smile and laugh [ADD COMMA HERE.] which meant I was not telling the truth. I just didn’t want to tell them because I knew they were going to harp on me. When I don’t tell them about homework I don’t have to worry about my parents coming into my room every five minutes checking that I’m doing my work. With not having them to remind me sometimes it works out better. [CUT DOWN THE PERSONAL STORY BY A SENTENCE OR TWO AND SHIFT TO A COUPLE OF SENTENCES ABOUT PEOPLE BEING DISHONEST IN THE WORLD TO AVOID BAD CONSEQUENCES.] I and the overweight man in the story both share something in common; not telling the truth. He starts off strong hiding his emotions about his kid [THIS IS TOO CASUAL: SAY “SON” INSTEAD.] going into the war. The man acted as if he wasn’t moved at the least bit by the fact of his son leaving him. He goes into detail about how their children don’t belong to them anymore and the government owns them. Though he’s only saying telling [?] the passengers that to cover up the truth regarding his son. In the end we find out his son turned out to be dead; and he did such a great job to cover it up to face the cold hard fact. In “War” by Luigi Pirandello he uses symbolism, plot, and setting [BE MORE SPECIFIC: WHAT KIND OF SYMBOL? WHAT ABOUT THE PLOT? WHICH SETTING?] to show that some people don’t tell the truth because they know that there might be a negative outcome. To form the short story “War” the element symbolism helped by the title itself and two characters from the story. The title of the short story can be a symbol because not only the title explaining itself, but the passengers getting into a disagreement between one another. The fighting between them is as if a...
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