Topics: Pakistan, Sociology, Pakistan Movement Pages: 4 (692 words) Published: February 21, 2013
st Important Topics of Eng ESSAY
2013 CSS Exams

1. Democracy in Pakistan

2. Role of media and its responsibilities

3. National Unity

4. Foreign Policy of Pakistan

5. Socio Economic and political problems of Pakistan

6. Terrorism

7. The Role of Judiciary

8. Economic Crises

9. Women Issues. Importance in Islam

10. Muslim Umma Vs west

Guess paper of Pak Affairs
Pakistan Affairs 2013 (National Officers Academy)

Please keep in mind that questions in paper will never be exactly like these but quite near to them. All you have to do is to comprehend them properly, plan your answer and then write.

1. The evolution of Muslim Society in sub-continent was the result of the efforts of the Sufi Missionaries and not the political ruler. Discuss critically.

2. The Muslims Reformists movements were a precursor of Two Nation Theory. Discuss it in the light of the efforts of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi and Shan Wali Ullah.

3. The sorry state of affairs in Pakistan today is neither the dream of Allama Iqbal nor the vision of Quad-e-Azam. What is the ideology of Pakistan in the light of the above statement and the sayings of Quad-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal and how has it evolved over time?

4. What is the role of Aligarh Movement in the Pakistan Movement? Was Deoband Movement an antithesis of Aligarh Movement which was synthesized by Nadwatul Ulema?

5. Was Partition of Bengal a British conspiracy for igniting the Hindu Muslim conflict? What role did the left wing of Muslim League played in reaching a compromise with Congress via Lucknow Pact?

6. The failure of Simon Commission was taken as a constitutional challenge by the Indians. What was the significance of Nehru Report and 14 Points in the constitution making of India?

7. Explain the reasons why Cabinet mission plan was rejected both by the Congress and the Muslim League?

8. The accession of the princely states like Kashmir, Junagadh and Gurdaspur were not the...
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