Want to Be a Guidance Counsellor

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Why am I interested in an Adult Guidance Course

Perhaps, to gain an insight on why? I should look at what has led me to this career path in the first place. Having worked in a Pharmacy setting for 18yrs, my latter role in a methadone community day treatment pharmacy programme, I returned to Adult Education in 2002 and studied Addiction, enjoyed the experience in its entirety and enjoyed working with people. It challenged my value system and beliefs, and gave me knowledge of myself as a person, which was insightful in working with others. My return to education has been a positive experience, has opened up new ways of working with people, and is a “work in progress”. I have worked in a variety of addiction settings in the greater Dublin area (including male day and residential treatment programmes) and the premise of “where a client is at” and “where they want to be” is similar in different work remits including Addiction, Counsellors, and Adult Guidance.

Presently, I work in an Adult Guidance capacity in my role as Training & Employment Officer in the Midlands Complex. The clients that are referred to the service, for advice and support on pre-post release options. Some of the initial contact is in a Prison setting, and a goal setting contract is undertaken by both parties on this co-journey. The guidance process of “where one is at” and “where they want to be” is an immense personal journey for the client, and a privledged one for the practitioner. There are a variety of issues both personal and professional that need to be addressed and overcome, and a strong commitment to continue the process. My core belief in working with people has remained the same in my own learning journey, that in working with individuals that if a good working , trusting relationship is established , the person will “buy into” whatever service you have to offer, e.g. Teacher, Training & Employment Officer , or Key Worker, however, I have learned how to develop a...
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