Want and Tree Planting

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Tree Planting

My Reflection in Tree planting
All I want to say in tree planting experience in norzagaray bulacan is amazing that’s my first time tree planting experience that’s gonna be a unforgatable moment to me because I experience hleping mother earth by the simple and little thing but im enjoying. And were happy of doing that although we were there to comply our requirements for nstp subject. But when I doing that activity o appreciate the thing that I can help earth by watering and planting some seeds. And the beauty of that mountain release our pain, so im proud that I am one of the student of grc goes to norzagaray bulacan to help them. I hope this experience can use from our future life, and I hope that activity happen again.

This picture taken in our tree planting on the top of that mountain, together with my friends.

This picture also taken in our tree planting, as you can see on the of the mountain yous can see the beauty of that place although we are tired getting up that’s was worth it.

This picture also taken in our tree planting, this is bus stop because we need to go to cr.

This picture also taken in our tree planting, as was I said before the beauty of that place is you can see on the top.

This picture shows our 2nd activity planting small tree’s

And last but not the least , this picture shows the beauty of our nature. The anggat dam.
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