Want and Luckily My Mom

Topics: Want, Need, Father Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Why it’s illegal to SHOPLIFTING.
It is illegal to steal because its not yours to begin with and people need to buy stuff to support or maintain the world. So the people you give the money to can get their things and do what whatever they need to with it. Also shoplifting is wrong your breaking a law which means you go to jail for a long time for something you would lose in a couple of days. Shoplifting is wrong because you’re taking what’s not rightfully yours. Shoplifting could also ruin your repetition. Causing your loved ones to not trust you to do anything by yourself anymore, trying to gain trust is hard. Shoplifting is also a sin, god looks down on people who steel .stealing can also get the person who stole in trouble In the future such as for jobs or trying to find a place to live such as an apartment, house, hotel, etc. If you steal you won’t be reliable or trustworthy anymore you would have to gain that back. You feel guilty but you don’t really think about anything when your doing something until you get caught and you don’t know what to say or do or how to respond. You don’t realize how much trouble you’re really getting into. Stealing is also wrong because the person you’re stealing from can get angry and actual have you go to jail, luckily my mom was friends with the person who worked there. Shoplifting is caused for a lot thing that the person does not want to admit of why they steal such as jealously of seeing someone else with nicer thing and feeling the need to take, what they think they deserve and or don’t have to pay for it. Or depression. Shoplifting affects yourself, your local neirboardhood and the world population. Shoplifting affects not only me but my family as well I felt embarrassed yet if I felt like that “why did I do it in the first place’’? Because shoplifting is tempting. Stores can even go bankrupt from shoplifting or even close down. Shoplifting is not a game you’re taking someone’s value from another person without...
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