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Child Development EssayConner Menez
There have been many people who have influenced me in my life. The people who stand out the most are my Mom, Dad, Brothers, and friends. They have influenced me since I have been a child till where I am now. They are a big reason why I am the person I am today.

My Mom is a big part of my life not only for her great cooking but also the time that she will take to help me with homework when I need it. My dad on the other hand, has always been the greatest. My dad always loved being in the outdoors with me and my brother since we were very little. He still enjoys throwing us pitches in the batting cage just for fun or before our baseball games. He also taught me how to hunt which is now one of my favorite activities to do. My Dad has taught me to work hard at everything I do either playing ball or by doing a job for someone. I am very grateful to him that he raised me that way.

My brothers have influenced me by always having a great attitude on everything they do. They are always there for me to have a good laugh at something. We have always been competitive at everything we play wiffle ball, football, soccer, basketball, or sometimes games that we make up. But we always make it work and have a great time. My peers have influenced me by either learning to push myself in baseball or just having a good time with them hunting/fishing, and dirt biking. They influence me by wanting to go somewhere or do something that I want to do and I give in and drive them. But overall when we hangout we always have a good time at whatever we do. The most influenced people in my life are my parents they have influenced me by showing their love for the Bible and following it and wanting to be more like Christ. This has played a major impact on me to do the same. Some personal wisdom is that you should always listen and obey your parents, they know from personal experience most of the time. You also can...
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