Wanna - Improving Federalism

Topics: Federation, Better, State Pages: 3 (500 words) Published: April 14, 2013
|Wanna, J, 2007, ‘Improving Federalism: Drivers of Change, Repair | |Options and Reform Scenarios’, Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 66, no. 3, pp. 275–279. |

|To describe the proceedings of the ‘Policy Roundtable on Federalism’. To relate roundtable suggestions, predictions and views on the factors | |shaping Australian federalism. To inform and advise of possible reform and the future direction for federalism within Australia. |

|Wanna states ‘all three levels of government .....tended to see federalism as a malaise, not a source of effective government’. Wanna records | |some participants argued federalism could and did benefit good government. | | | |Wanna advises most participants believed the system could be improved, and parts of the federation made to work much better. Wanna states | |Commonwealth and State behaviour has been characterised in recent decades by political expediency rather than adherence to agreed roles or | |cooperation. Wanna concludes by advising there was widespread consensus that greater trust would be needed to make federalism work better. |

|The approximately 50 participants are described as politicians, Commonwealth and State public servants, and | | |academics. Participant speciality or expertise is not detailed. |275 | | | | |Wanna gives little indication how many or which...
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