Walter White: The Ethics of Being a Crystal Meth Kingpin

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  • Published : October 14, 2013
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Walter White: The Ethics of Being a Crystal Meth Kingpin
Let’s begin a scenario: You wake up in your bed on your fiftieth birthday, next to your wife, who is five months pregnant with a child you didn’t intend to have, while your son (who has cerebral palsy) stirs in his sleep in the other room. You get out of bed and begin your day as you do every day: brush your teeth, shower, exercise, eat breakfast and go to your job as a chemistry teacher at your son’s high school, then go to your second job as a car washer, then head home to a surprise birthday party that your friends and family all attended, along with your catty, vindictive sister-in-law and your obnoxious brother-in-law, who is a DEA agent that brags about all of his crystal meth busts during your day of celebration. You sleep that night, and go about your day the next day as usual, but then you faint, are rushed to a hospital, only to be told by a doctor that you have stage 4 inoperable lung cancer. What’s your first thought? That’s what happened to Breaking Bad’s Walter White, a fictional man who ran the largest crystal meth organization in the southwestern hemisphere of the world. Most people would look at the situation at hand and never think twice about ever getting into the drug trade. But as the audience meets Walter’s drug lord persona by which he goes Heisenberg, we see the character calculate and strategically take his time, making moves and leaving some people behind. When Walt becomes Heisenberg, he puts on a porkpie hat, some sunglasses and becomes the meth lord that he has schemed, sweated, bled, worked and became a broken man for. I believe what Walter White and the ego-persona he knows as Heisenberg did for his family and for himself are justifiable. Once a promising chemist who greatly contributed to the breakthrough of a multi-billion dollar company Gray Matter Technologies with college friends/co-founders Gretchen Hecht (who was also a former lover) and Elliot Schwartz, Walt abruptly...
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