Walte in "A Raisin in the Sun"

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Walter in “A Raisin in the Sun” has a problem with his family. Since Walter’s family is going through a depression, the reader can expect the Water Lee family is facing internal conflicts. An internal conflict is a problem that deal’s with a person’s emotions. Walter Lee has a major internal conflict with money which leads to other problems with his family.At the beginning of the play Travis who is Walter’s son wanted an amount of money but Ruth kept refusing to give him that amount of money but Walter gave it to him anyway so he doesn’t find out they’re poor. Walter was a limousine driver for a rich person. Also, Walter’s mom has a check of 10,000 dollars. But she doesn’t want to use it for his dreams. immediately after it receives the check they talk what they were going to do with it because Walter was planning to use it to open his own business but he hasn’t talked about it to his mom yet. Mama denies his plans because she’s religious and doesn’t want her Walter to open a liquor store. She wants to buy a house with a playground where Travis can play.Another internal conflict of Walter Lee was that Ruth was pregnant. He talks to his Ruth about how expensive it would be to afford another baby’s life. So, Walter is considering about having an abortion to save some money meanwhile Ruth is refusing. The Youngers Family also face racial prejudice for example the family worries about where Mama is trying to move because it's a white neighborhood. Also
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