Walt Disney: a Short Biography

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Walt Disney: A Short Biography
Walt Disney was a man with a vision. I have chosen Walt Disney because of his contribution to the history of the United States of America. He is a legend, and a hero to some. The Disney name has come to represent creation, optimism, and creation. Walt completely changed the film industry and a television pioneer, and he helped the country create a much greater appreciation for family morals and values.

Walt Disney was born in Chicago Illinois to his parents Elias and Flora Disney on December 5th 1901. Walt was one of five children. Right after Walt was born the family moved to Missouri to the town of Marceline. Walt lived most of his childhood in this town.

At a very young age had an interest in art, he would spend hours drawing and sketching, and would even try to make a little money by selling his artwork to neighbors. When he reached 15 he started to pursue his art career by attending McKinley High school in Chicago where he studied photography and art. Times were always a little tough for the Disney family. Walt’s father was a very stern man, and since there was often little money made matters even worse at times. Although times were always a little tough Walt’s mother always encouraged Walt and his brother Roy to pursue their talents as artists.

At the age of 16 Walt tried to enlist in the military, he was rejected because he was underage, but that did not stop Walt. Walt then joined the Red Cross and was then sent overseas to France. Walt spent a year in France chauffeuring around Red Cross officials helping the war effort and also driving an ambulance. The ambulance that Walt drove was covered from front to back in cartoons that Walt had drew and sketched.

After returning to the United States from France, Walt began to pursue a career in commercial art. He started a small company by the name of “Laugh-O-Grams” which failed. He then traveled to Hollywood with 20 dollars and a suitcase full of clothes to try to start...
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