Walt Disney Research Paper

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Fidel Flores
English 9B Honors
Ms. Tao-3rd Period
18 April 2012
Walt Disney Research Paper
Walter Elias Disney was an amazing film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Disney left this world, impacting and inspiring the lives of everyone and changing the world of movie-making forever. Walt Disney was the creator of popular animated characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White. He is the namesake for the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Resort, and many more. Walt Disney had lived an enthralling life, and improved the field of entertainment tremendously. To sum it all up, Walt Disney will always be remembered as the best entertainer of the 20th century because of his early films/cartoons, creation of the happiest place on Earth, and the benefit the critiques have given him. To begin, Walt Disney soon decided to move back to his hometown to pursue his career as a cartoon artist. When he started to reveal his art, he then decided to become a newspaper artist. One very important person that came across his work was Ub Iwerks. Ub was a business man and was impressed with what he saw, and was soon to become his business partner. “He decided on a career as a newspaper artist, drawing political caricatures or comic strips.” (“Walt Disney”) He enjoyed working for the newspaper because he thought this was the fastest and best way to get his recognized by the public. Furthermore, Ub Iwerks really liked his work and made a business deal with him. Walt’s work was liked by many and soon everybody was complimenting his work that appeared in the paper. This made him feel confident about his decision about going back. “Although Walt Disney had initially given up on the idea of animation, thinking that the East Coast studios were too well established for him to complete, he now began to reconsider.” (Greene 43) After, they both decided to form a company that would be called the “Iwerks Disney Commercial Artist.” He made a good choice of going back to his homewown because he had a lot of potential to succeed!

Moreover, Both Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney had high hopes for their new company. Their company was named “Iwerks Disney Commercial Artist.” While working at his company Disney mostly worked on commercials. The commercials were based on cut out animations. Those commercials must have been a good success! These commercials soon made Disney more interested in becoming an animator, and Ub Iwerks encouraged him to do it. “Disney considered cel-animation to be much more promising then he cut out animation he was doing for Iwerks.” (“Walt Disney”) Eventually, the Iwerks Company would soon be discovered by Frank L. Newman, who was the most popular “showman” of Kansas at the time. Frank saw a lot of potential in Walt and offered to let Disney have his own studio. Having your own studio must have been a big jump from a little business to being your own manager! Walt quickly agreed and from his little cartoon drawing company, came his new studio “Laugh O’ Gram”! His new studio helped his pursue his new interest in animation!

Thereafter, the first movie that Walt Disney directed in his new studio was Steamboat Willie. The movie had a big impact because it showed that Walt Disney could make some great animated movies! It was during the black and white era that Walt Disney got the idea to create a movie that Mickey would make his big appearance on; Steamboat Willie was the first short movie that Walt Disney created starring Mickey Mouse. The movie is based on Mickey Mouse taking over the steam boat belonging to Pete. But soon enough, Pete notices Mickey steering the boat and screams angrily at him! They take a stop at “Podunt Landing” to pick up livestock, and Mickey Mouse soon sees Minnie. It was love at first sight and from then on Minnie joined Pete and Mickey on their boat. The movie soon became an instant success in...
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