Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Management Strategy

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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Management Strategy & Policy

For my final paper I chose to discuss The Walt Disney Company. Since the Company is so large and made up of four primary business segments, I decided to focus on one particular segment: Parks and Resorts. This segment is composed of the theme parks, cruise-line, and vacation club resorts.

The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts strive to be the leader in innovative and creative family entertainment in the world. The mission of The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts is to provide “magical” experiences to all guests that visit our Parks and Resorts. We use technology, innovation, and imagination to create a unique entertainment experience comparable to nothing else. Our core values are:

-Provide world-class customer service based on the Disney Service Model
-Make sure every guest that comes to our Parks and Resorts has a “magical” experience
-Use our rich culture, traditions, and heritage to differentiate our products -Create new entertainment experiences using our innovative technology and storytelling -To make happiness and dreams come true

The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts is apart the Amusement Park Industry. This industry began as early as 1600 and really started flourishing in the mid 1900’s. The big competitors in the market are Six Flags Entertainment Corp, Universal Studios, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, and the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. The companies that are not in the industry are the traveling carnivals and fairs. This is because they are only in one place for a short period of time. They pose very little threat and/or competition to the amusement park industry.

The demographics of the macro-environment are very broad. Since the amusement park industry is geared towards family entertainment, both genders and all ages are present. Many different races are also involved because there are parks in many...
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