Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

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Executive Summary3
Candidate City Background4
Istanbul - Turkey4
Barcelona – Spain5
Kuala-Lumpur – Malaysia6
Disney selection criteria6
KT decision analysis ( In Appendences)7
Situational analysis8
Dunker diagram (In Appendences)9
Business, Disney and Culture10
Disney and Success11
Mind Map15
KT Decision Calculations17
Dunker Diagram18

Executive Summary
Attached is a report that compares the three candidate cities that we as a group chose to host a new Disney theme park (Expansion). The cities that we selected are Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Barcelona – Spain and Istanbul – Turkey. In this report there will be brief information related to each country to see what are the advantages and disadvantages that are faced. The selection criteria will implement Kepner Tregoe’s decision analysis model and will recommend the best country for the expansion. Problems that are found about the countries will be put in Kepner’s situational analysis appraisal to determine what will be the high priority of concern. Not only will this report focus on picking the best country, it will also lean into more information regarding a list of factors required for the park’s success in its new location. Introduction

The main reason of this report is to efficiently and cleverly select the appropriate City that will host the new Disney theme park. The use of Fogler and LeBlanc (2007), heuristic problem solving techniqus, will help in selecting the right city. The cities we selected will undertake a selection criteria framework by using Kepner Tregoe Decision Analysis model and KT Situational Analysis Appraisal. After all that is set and done, we will have delicate and specific information outlining the best in accuracy for the new expansion of Disney.

Candidate City Background
Istanbul - Turkey
Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, which is the heart of the country's economic state. It amounts to 22% of the gross national product and pays for 45% of the countries taxes. its resources are ships, equipment transportation, agriculture products, textiles, and motor vehicles. Also Istanbul has one of the world's most used waterway which lies between the Sea of Marmara and the black Sea. So full of amazing sites and beauty Istanbul was ranked the tenth most visited city by tourists in 2010. The population has risen a lot since the nineteen hundreds to be 13.5 million. Islam is the dominant religion which is 99% of the population, and the most spoken language there is Turkish. Tom B (2012) Although its security is not that good when it comes to internal affairs, there are bordering countries which are unstable in this moment which can affect turkey in the short and long run. In addition, the unemployment rate is 15.5% which seems high but when compared to the population in numbers the number is 461 thousand out of 13.5 million. This rate is not that good but still better than other countries. The easiest thing In Istanbul is getting a visa which can be taken care of upon arriving to the airport. Although they stand by their culture and religion, they are still open to new culture and new things. Many say that Istanbul captures the tourist's eye when it comes to beauty and historic monuments. Hurriyet (2012)

Barcelona – Spain
The city of Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast, which is the capital of Catalina and is the second is largest city in Spain after Madrid. It has a population of 5.8 million people. It’s an economically strong city which is ranked the fourth by GDP standards with an output of 177 billion. The average annual weather in the day does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius and during the night not less than 10 degrees. According to National geographic Barcelona has one of the top ten beaches in a city in the world. Mostly the city is secure but sometimes the crime of pick pockters is...
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