Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Business ethics Pages: 13 (4092 words) Published: October 3, 2012
PD1- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving|
Where in the World is Disney?
Disney Theme Park New Destination|

1.Executive Summary4
2.Business, Disney and Culture5
2.1 Importance of culture for Business5
2.2 Importance of culture for Disney expansion6
2.3 Cultural considerations for Malasiya6
2.4 Recommendations:7
3.Candidate City Background:8
3.1 Candidate cities for Disney expansion:8
3.1.1 Sharm Elsheik8
3.1.2 Kuala Lumpur8
3.1.3 Johannesburg9
4.Disney Selection criteria10
4.1.Discussion of selection criteria10
4.2.Disney’s selection criteria10
5.Disney and Success12
5.1.Corporate Governance12
5.1.1 What Disney can do to benefit from the corporate governance?12
5.2.Corporate Social Responsibility12
5.2.1 What Disney can do to benefit from the Corporate Social Responsibility?12
5.3.1 What Disney can do to benefit from the Ethics?13
5.4.Culture Bottom Lines in its new location13
6.Recommendation of Preferred Location14
Appendices :17
Appendices2: Brainstorming18
Appendices3: KT Analysis19
Appendices4: Situation Analysis20
Cities Problems:20
Appendices5: Dunker Solutions To Main Problem21

1. Executive Summary
Disney has a culture of expansion in promising parts of the world that have much opportunities for the great entertainment corporations to launch its business. By examining, three candidates cities which are most eligible for Disney, it is seen that Kuala Lumpur is the best convenient one for Disney as it is a good network of transportation services. Moreover, highly trained labour is available there. In addition, the Malaysian culture is a high context culture which, unlike the Western culture, depends largely on non-verbal communication. Also, the selection criteria of Disney could be found there in Kuala Lumpur. This means that it has all the necessary elements that could ensure the successful launch of Disney.


Disney park is one of the most famous family entertainment park in the world. It was first established in united stated , California to the general public. The company after a years of succeeding in 1970 it started expanding locally to Florida. However, nowadays Disneyland expansion is known locally and globally as they have 11 themes park in 11 different places around the world ( The travel guide, 2012 ). In this report we will suggest three cities for Disneyland to expand to, in order to continue generating wealth and publicity. The three candidate cities are Johannesburg, Sharm El-Sheikh and Kuala Lumpor. In addition, the expanding design isn’t easy for Disney, because sometimes the company may misconsider the country culture and lifestyle, which may lead them to be misunderstood or to be unaccepted by the people of the country. This situation will affect Disney image and it may lead Disney to face a high level of loss. However, we will compare them to Disney culture in order to reach a successful design for Disney. Additionally, KT diagram will be develop to compare between the must and want such as the economy, stability, transportation, land availability, different culture acceptance and other areas which may help with choose the right city. Moreover, The team will build this report by following the four major steps to conclude with a design; defining, generating, deciding, implementing and evaluating (2008, p.93 ).

2. Business, Disney and Culture
2.1 Importance of culture for Business
Understanding others culture is essential as is determines the success and failure of the business expansion, for example values and norms in the US and Europe is completely different than Asia and middles east, and if the business expand without considering the cultural norms of the hosting country this will be regarded as...
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