Walt Disney Company

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney, a name well known to almost everyone around the world. Mr. Walter Elias Disney created not only a company vested in bringing happiness to children but also bringing childhood back to adults back in 1923 (“About.com”, 2012). Through the technological advanced techniques used in creating masterpieces like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, to the computer enhanced characters of Toy Story and Monsters Inc., and then to the creative theme parks known as Disney World and Disneyland, Walt Disney has captivated audiences with film, thrills and magic for decades. For good reason, the Walt Disney Company has withstood the test of time because their product is essentially “Happiness”. They sell the youth of childhood to adults and sell magic and imagination to children all over the world. The Walt Disney Company is much more than a child entertainment company and has multiple subsidiaries under cloaked names offering entertainment not geared towards children, which could for some call into question the perceived public values that Disney stands for: good, clean, wholesome, family fun. The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether the Walt Disney Company lives up to its espoused values, whether their communications add to or disparage their mission and the public’s perception of the company and how the use of conflict is used within the company to improve communication. The culture of the Walt Disney Company is not something that is easily defined. People under their employ come from all over the world to work in their theme parks, on their cruise lines and work for their many subsidiaries like Touchstone Pictures. Walt Disney had to overcome multiple cultural and diverse barriers in order to operate successfully in the United States and abroad. Entire management teams had to assimilate to the culture in which they lived and had to learn how to operate in different and constantly changing cultural climates. The Disney...
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