Walt Disney Attractions

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Walt Disney Attractions
* Global Market Research

* November 1, 2012
* Team 6
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1.1 The Purpose and Scope of the Study1
1.2 Executive Summary.1
1.3 Research Methodology1
II. Presentation of Key Data
2.1 Key Indicators for Analysis2
2.2 Key Indicator Data Tables4
2.3 Explanation of Data Tables5
III. Analysis of Data and Key Recommendation
3.1 Final Recommendation6
3.2 Conclusion7
IV. Student Feedback8
Appendix: References9


I. Introduction

1.1 The Purpose and Scope of the Study

This report was commissioned by Walt Disney Attractions and prepared by Acme Research. Its aim is to investigate, analyze and evaluate the commercial viability of three possible international expansion locations for Walt Disney Attractions (WDA). In 2013, WDA is considering growing its current operating activities by opening a sixth international theme park in England, Singapore or New Zealand and must ensure they choose the most financially sound investment opportunity.

The next section will provide an overall picture of this report’s purpose.

1.2 Executive Summary

Acme Research was asked by Disney executives to propose the best location for the next Disneyland theme park by recommending England, Singapore, or New Zealand. International Tourism Arrivals, Population, and the Human Development Index were used as the three indicators for researching each location’s commercial viability, conducted through secondary sources. While England fell second to New Zealand on HDI value, it succeeded both New Zealand and Singapore on Population and International Tourism Arrivals. Based on these findings, England was found to be the strongest candidate for WDA’s international expansion.

Pursuing this further, online databases were major sources of this report’s information.

1.3 Research Methodology

Online databases were used for of all the secondary information provided in this report. In order to understand WDA’s ideal locational environment for a new theme park, it was important to study and analyze the statistics of the candidates and also the current international operating activities of WDA. Online resources were used because they are readily accessible and contain the most credible and accurate data.

* World Data Bank provides the most current and accurate global development indicators for countries. The data is compiled from international sources that are officially recognized. * UNDP, the United Nations’ development organization, commissions an annual report that measures and analyzes international human development statistics.

* Walt Disney Attractions websites contain company information explaining the social and economic impact of its current parks.

Using these resources, Acme Research found three key indicators important to WDA’s potential theme park locations in the international market, as explained in the next section.

II. Presentation of Key Data

2.1 Key Indicators for Analysis

The key indicators used in this report include Population, International Tourism Arrivals, and Human Development Index (HDI). These indicators have been determined to be crucial for evaluating a country’s demographic profile, which is part of WDA’s strategic decisions in determining the best location for a WDA theme park.

Population is defined as the number of people living in a country, city, or any district or area. A common trait among successful theme parks is the large number of people located in surrounding cities. The reason why Population of the country is considered an important factor is because it helps estimate the number of visitors in theme parks based on the Population density. Population is an imperative indicator because higher Population density makes for a...
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