Walt Disney

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Cause And Effect of Walt Disney’s Success
“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” One of America’s most legendary animated film producers and animators, Walt Disney, allowed children as well as adults to escape into an imaginary world of fairy tales. Growing up with drawing as his essential interest, Disney enrolled in colleges and established companies that allowed him to pursue a career in commercial art. Although failing to succeed at first, the Walt Disney Company developed a series of animated shorts and full-length features, which instantly caught the public’s eye. Winning numerous awards for the imagination and optimism displayed throughout the films, Disney’s creations expanded into television networks, merchandise, and amusement parks. Due to his adoration for art as a child and living through a difficult childhood, Walt Disney produced various films that continue to enlighten viewers today and constructed a theme park where dreams become reality. Starting a young age, Walt Disney developed a passion for illustrating cartoon characters. After returning home from World War I, where he volunteered in the “Red Cross,” Disney began working for his father’s company, which provided him with the opportunity to practice drawing. “His ambulance was covered from stem to stem, not with stock camouflage, but with Disney cartoons” (Encyclopedia of World Geography). Disney discovered ways to incorporate drawing into his everyday life, which resulted in his attendance at schools and colleges that allowed him to study the basic skills and knowledge of drawing. For college, Disney enrolled in the Art Institute in Kansas City, and later the Chicago Academy of Arts. Additionally, Walt Disney established his first companies in order to pursue his dreams of becoming an animator. When he formed a partnership with Ub Iwerks, Disney developed numerous companies that assisted in creating...
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