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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Change Management in Walt Disney.

Company Chosen: The Walt Disney Company.
Assignment Objective: Find out how the company implemented change and how successful was it.

Change management holds two major concepts, one relating to change itself and the other relates to project management. Change is to alter the ordinary course of action which in terns means to change the way things are done in an organisation and project management deals with how a specific change can alter a course of a project. So in totality change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on an individual level. Change management has three aspects mainly: adapting to change, controlling change and effecting change. Implementing change is not easy and does not comes naturally, infact studies show that implementing change is very difficult and it only succeeds in 25% of cases.

The traditional change model illustrates that during change an employee undergoes various phases which are denial, resistance, exploration and commitment. If the change is not implemented using the 7 steps a crises situation is created and it results in a failure. To implement change all the management of a company should be involved and motivated and it should occur throughout the organisation not at just one particular level. There are a lot of other issues related to change management such as risk assessments, effectiveness, probability of achieving the desired results etc.

The company I chose to show how change works is The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney is the world’s largest conglomerate by revenue in 2010 with assets encompassing film, television, publishing, the internet, music and recreation. Walt Disney was created by two Disney brothers in 1923 with Mickey Mouse being the staple of the company. As the Mickey Mouse character gained popularity and the company started earning good revenue. Disney diversified the brand into parks and...
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