Walmart vs Amazon

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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1) Both site have shopping carts, account set-up, search capabilities, Wal-Mart's return policy is unique in that they have a 90 day return to store or ship it back type policy. Amazon has a 30 day return policy where you have to pay shipping if the reason for the return wasn't their fault. Amazon also has a wish list feature that Wal-mart does not. Amazon sets-up a customized store based on you past purchases and targeted to your individual tastes. 2)It remains to be seen whether Wal-mart will over take Amazon. Wal-mart certainly has the infrastructure and supply chain relationships to capitalize. It also has many years of experience to draw. Also, Wal-mart's infrastrucure leverages the ability of the consumer to return products which is definate plus. It really depends if Wal-mart can master this new distribution channel. As is often the case, Wal-marts greatest strength may also be its greatest weakness. It's large size could make it more difficult for Wal-mart to react in the e-commerce arena. 3)'s competitors are all e-tailers on the internet and include big names like,, etc. to the smaller lesser known sites. Its customers are internet users interested in purchasing retail products online. The typical profile of an online buyer is and income level of 60,000 and some college education. Its suppliers are pretty much the same as its brick-and-mortar suppliers. Its strength among its competitors is its vast network of suppliers. Its strenght with customer is the brand name recognition. Its strength with suppliers is its proven ability to negotiate low prices. I think its distinctive competency is its vast network of stores which allows for a more successful implementation of the click-and-mortar business strategy. A good deal of its strength is borrowed from its knowledge of physical stores in that they have extensive histories of grouped purchases and products offered. 4)Unique to print...
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