Walmart Innovation

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Unit 4: Wal-Mart Innovation
Deena Rothwell
GM586: Transformational Leadership
September 27, 2011
Professor George Sparks

Wal-Mart began its climb to become the largest retail company in the world in 1940. Throughout the years Wal-Mart stores values and mission statement has remained the same, respect customers and peers, quality service to the customers, strive for excellence and build team players of its associates. Wal-Mart teams have common characteristics, they have technical expertise, good at problem solving and decision making and interpersonal skills. Wal-Mart leaders expect their associates to perform in a team spirit and unity. Wal-Marts CEO has a vision to build transformational leaders of all of its managers through training, mentoring programs, and communicating the companys goals and objectives. Innovation and creative thinking is what Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton build the store on and brought it to the where it is today. This paper will address Wal-Mart's innovation and how the use of Full Range Leadership Development can be used to continue to build on that innovation. Innovation is new ideas that lead to the development of a new way of doing something, new product, or a new service. Innovation of new ideas is pointless if they are not developed and become fact or put into place by a company or organization. As with Wal-Mart the leaders are constantly looking for new ways to bring products to the customers through developing relationships with suppliers and new technology. Sosik and Jung (2010) states leaders must display intellectual stimulation "which involves rational thinking, creativity, and the freedom to fail" (p. 159). Wal-Mart management understands trial and error is part of developing innovative ideas and encourages innovation in their associates. There are many reasons why Wal-Mart is the leader in the retail business but the primary is not letting past successess stop it from developing new ideas, being...
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