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The 3 Pillars Of Job Satisfaction
There are many factors involved when determining job satisfaction, some have more effect, some less (most will have a marginal effect). But there are three factors that stand out above all others. You have all three – you are ecstatic, you have none – you’re miserable. I call them the three pillars of job satisfaction and they are: * money – how much you earn

* people – who you work with
* type of work – the type of work you’re doing, i.e. whether or not it is interesting to you. Money
This is your salary, bonuses, package etc. It includes how much you earn and all the perks and bonuses that are involved. This is mostly determined by how much you think you’re worth rather than industry averages or some other kind of metric. If you are earning less than what you think you should be, you’re not satisfied. If you earn more, or just enough, you’re happy. Since your sense of how much you’re worth can easily change based on your perception of the world (you read a survey about those same industry averages and realize you’re getting jibbed), your level of satisfaction with this pillar can alter drastically almost overnight. People

This is all about the kinds of people you work with. Are you friends with everyone at work, do you like spending time with your work mates socially as well as professionally? If you do then you’ll be satisfied with this one. You don’t have to be friends with everyone at your company, but you do have to like everyone that you closely work with. When you only marginally like the people you work with (i.e. you don’t mind them but wouldn’t hang out with them), this pillar will hover on the verge of satisfaction. When you love the people you work with then you’re on a constant buzz when you come to work and “your cup runneth over” (so to speak :)) when it comes to this pillar. Disliking even one of the people you work with closely, can significantly decrease your level of satisfaction here. The upside...
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