Walmart Ethical Assignment (Employee Relations)

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The following report will discuss American retail giant, Wal-mart’s current ethical and business objectives. The report will look at Wal-mart’s employee relations in regard to discrimination and other various issues involving their employees. It will look at how their ethical stance contradicts with what has gone on in the past regarding associates (employees) and management. We will also look at their business objectives or as Wal-mart calls them – “comparable store sales”, where they measure the sales on a like for like basis from the previous year. Included will be Wal-Mart’s sustainability report, and Wal-Mart’s ethical statement. The report will look at what Wal-mart does for employees and what has been reported by employees and watch-dogs and draw up conclusions. And what current legislative trend they’re reported to be ignoring or not practicing what they preach. Wal-mart’s ethical perspective on employee relations and their commitment to being ethical. In the workplace there are many issues on employee relations; Pay, sex, race, religion, disability and equal opportunities are a few of the issues Wal-mart will deal with. For Wal-mart to embrace everyone in the workplace, they set out a social responsibility report on diversity for their employees. Wal-mart’s statement of ethics even encourages whistle blowing; “All of us should constantly work to maintain a working environment that encourages associates to raise concerns about possible violations of our Statement of Ethics. Often we hear stories of other companies where employees were aware of problems, but did not feel comfortable coming forward. No one should feel that way at Wal-mart. Please report possible ethics problems immediately so they can be resolved before more serious consequences develop”. (Wal-mart statement of ethics)

Wal-mart has three ethical basic beliefs – Respect for the individual, Service to our customers and striving for excellence. These beliefs are from the Wal-marts founding father, Sam Walton. Sam would never have realised Wal-mart would be posting quarterly net profits in 2010 of £2.9 billion. Christine Seib, Times (2010).

Wal-mart also has guidelines for all employees to follow: and •Always act with integrity
Lead with integrity, and expect others to work with integrity. •Follow the laws at all times
Be honest and fair
Reveal and report all information truthfully, without manipulation or misrepresentation • Work, actions and relationships outside of your position with the company should be free of any conflicts of interest •Respect and encourage diversity and never discriminate against anyone •Ask your manager or Global Ethics Office for help if you have any questions about this statement, or if you face an ethical problem •Promptly report all violations of the statement of ethics •Cooperate with and maintain the private nature of any investigation of a possible ethics violation •When involved in an ethics investigation, you should reveal all information truthfully, you should present all facts truthfully, without bias or judgement (Wal-mart statement of ethics) Wal-mart’s ethical perspective could be described a teleological as they work for the greater good for all their stakeholders. Community, suppliers, employees, shareholders and environment are the many issues Wal-mart tackles when striving for excellence. They believe in doing what’s right to achieve their company objectives. Wal-mart’s ethical statement covers directors, employees and third party associates like suppliers. They’re expected to abide by these have a basic understanding of the statement, since memorising the whole policy is not realistic. However, Wal-mart operates in many countries that have their own laws on business and Wal-mart recognises they need to adapt to each country’s laws. Their statement of ethics is generic in that it’s issued to all stores and stakeholders around the world - but it is able to be built into other countries...
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