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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Discussion 3 Wal-Mart in China
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Which of the four mentalities is used by Wal-Mart
* International : (Design, Technical, all equal) -> Headquarter -> Strategic Desiccions Operational -> Subsidiary they use global products and sizes in the product range for the chine’s market * Global: All make the same in design and color given from the Headquarter -> Standardized (e.g. Coca-Cola, Pepsi…) * Transnational: Each do what he can do best -> other country other rules -> Headquarter gives the way but each country does it for his own. * Multidomestic: Every country makes his own product for their costumers, decision owner. Wal-Mart is International because they try to implement the home country products from US in a completely different market. It seems they didn´t ever heard about the Chinese market because they try to sell the big-size products (typical American style) in a market most of the people don´t have much money. They need much smaller parts. At the end of the case you can read that especially the chines are proud to buy their own products from their home country. Also the kitchen furniture don´t fits with the American products. Sounds like they have never made a survey before they try to capture the market. Growth motivations? Emerging or traditional (Wal-Markt = traditional motivations) * Concentration -> to give more services for the business they think it´s the best * Diversification -> Should be used by Mal-Mart to reach the right customers in China * Internationalization -> Just to enter one of the biggest markets in the world, Firms does it to show also competitiveness and set the competitors under pressure (it´s called = fallow the leader strategy), also to get more customers and to compensate fluctuations in business, and gain informations by “learning by doing” -> shouldn´t be the common way!! Simply when there is a lack of service, offers,...