Walmart Business Report

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Walmart Business Report

By | October 2012
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Walmart Business Report

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2

Executive Summary3


2.0Company History5

3.0Products and Services7

4.0Global Footprint10

5.0Financial Analysis13

6.0Stock Performance15

7.0Management of the Company16

8.0Business Strategies18


10.0Market Analysis24


Reference List30

Executive Summary

Walmart Stores Inc is a company that has the largest retail business in the world. The company operates in 15 countries in the different continents. It has been operating for over 40 years and has over 2 million employees. The founder of the company implemented policies that have been in use in the various segments of the company such as the Walmart U.S segment, the International segment and the Sam’s Club. Among the different stores that the company has been operating include super centers, retail stores, catalog stores, warehouses and distribution facilities. The company has faced several challenges in the market that have influenced and affected its performance over the years. These risks and challenges include the economic challenges, political, social and cultural challenges and the challenges that have faced its expansion strategies. However despite the challenges and risks that it has faced the company has been able to maintain its position in the market and its market share. In addition the company has achieved several awards and recognition for its performance and activities. These awards have recognized its philanthropic efforts, respect from its stakeholders and the public as well as the environmental policies. The company continues to implement strategies and plans such as the EDLP policy to maintain its culture and performance.


Walmart Stores Inc is the trademark of a company that is legally...

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